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Southern Palms

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Southern Palms

5 Bedrooms
4 Bathrooms
(15 Reviews)
Located at 729 Whitehead St, "Southern Palms" is the group property consisting of the following homes Coconut Palm, Traveler's Palm, and Royal Palm which can all be booked individually.

All together, these three units have 5 separate bedrooms, 3 separate hot tubs, and share an incredibly luscious...

Coconut Palm

3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
(38 Reviews)
COCONUT PALM (formerly Island Oasis). Take a lot of history and a lot of charm - mix it with a great location and you have the perfect Key West hideaway. A vacation rental home built and operated in the late 1800's as the city's hack concession and stables, has been transformed with bits and...

Traveler's Palm

1 Bathroom
(35 Reviews)
Traveler's Palm (formerly Palm Isle) - a room ahead of its time - A truly "green unit". Your roommate, or in this case, "suite mate" is a giant Sapodilla tree that provides the ambiance and shade to your private hot tub and tree-top hammock. The second-story studio apartment comes complete with a...

Royal Palm

1 Bathroom
(28 Reviews)
ROYAL PALM (formerly Little Palm) - What an idyllic setting! Picture the most perfect romantic getaway cottage with all the must have's for a great Key West vacation - in a setting that nature provided in the late 1800's - the hardwood canopy is stunning! The Tommy Bahama furniture is set off by...